Private voice lessons are the gold standard for vocal development. You can learn a lot from choirs and group classes, but nothing beats the personalized, individual attention a student receives during a private lesson.

Lessons are typically 30 minutes once per week, however, longer lessons are available as the student becomes more advanced.

Lessons consist of a  warm up to relax and prepare the voice, vocal exercises that stretch and strengthen each area of the voice, then learning and preparing music. Musical assignments are based on the student’s voice type, development, and personality. Often songs are assigned in different languages to help with vowel formation and to introduce different styles of singing. Musical concepts, such as rhythm, are also taught during private lessons.

Vocal instruction would not be complete without performance. Private students are encouraged to perform a solo recital at least once per year. They are also encouraged to participate in studio recitals where they will perform with other singers. Performing gives singers a chance to show what they have learned to family and friends, and helps them learn how to apply their technique outside of their lessons.

  • $150/month for once weekly 30-minute lesson*
  • $210/month for once weekly 50-minute lesson*
  • $55 Individual Lessons (no registration fee)
* Requires a $25 Yearly Registration Fee