September Newsletter

Is anyone else shocked at how quickly the summer passed?

While I am sad that vacation time is over, I am so happy to be back to work. I have heard all of my students, at this point, and I cannot wait to get them performing. They are so, so good!

Speaking of performing, performance season is upon us!

Not only does PVA have performance plans for this season, but I have been hired to sing in the chorus of Porgy and Bess by North Carolina Opera in the Spring; I will be doing an event with Concert Singers of Cary; AND…

There is a new performance company in town! Opera on Tap Raleigh is a chapter of the Opera on Tap Organization. The goal of our little company is to bring opera to the people. We will be performing primarily in smaller venues like bars and restaurants that present live music. Follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for performance announcements because we will be everywhere.

Another fun thing happening is the Master Chorale Youth Choir. I am not directly involved with this organization but one of my amazing students, Arya Kamath, sings with them. I went to see one of their concerts last season and I was definitely impressed. If you are a singer under the age of 18 and would like to give this group a try, you can check out their website. They are having an open sing event on Sunday, September 11th, if you want to go and see what they’re all about. 

Wow! That was a lot of announcements.

Okay, here’s one more: I would really, really like to bring back 30-minute Musical. I have 2 problems, though: I don’t have a venue and I don’t have a teacher. As much as I love this class, I cannot teach it myself. So, if anyone knows of a place where we can have the class, and/or a teacher who is willing to teach, please reach out to me. I have all of the materials ready to go for the right person.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. I look forward to seeing you all at the theater this season!