PVA Goes Digital

This is not a typical year, for sure. However, as we learn in the theater – The show must go on! And, indeed, the show will go on… Eventually.

Eventually, all of us will get past this.

Eventually, we will have to go back to rehearsal.

Eventually, the show will reopen.

Eventually, there will be auditions and concerts again.

The question is: will we be ready?

While it is tempting to think we have all the time in the world as things slowly return to normal, the truth is that we don’t. So, while we are waiting for the eventual opening of opportunities, we can watch and learn. Take the time to watch shows (stage productions, not just mind numbing TV) that you’ve always wanted to but never had time. Hint: If you have Disney Plus, you’ll see they are streaming Newsies The Broadway Musical right now.

How about an opera?! The Metropolitan Opera House has launched “Nightly Met Opera Streams” where you can enjoy their wide array of presentations.

Open those music books and learn a new song. For a real challenge, learn a song in a different language.

This is a great time to do some research on a character you are preparing for, or would like to someday perform. And, of course, practice, practice, practice!

Speaking of practice: Peak Vocal Academy is going digital!

For the months of April and May, we will be offering lessons online. Digital classes will be a new experience for us, but we want to continue offering private lessons for those who want them.

Choose your plan…

Plan A) Monthly – $110 per month for 4 half-hour lessons


Plan B) $35 per half-hour lesson

Our Summer Session dates have changed. Click HERE for more info and get your little songbird registered right away!

For my Spring Session students that got cut short, keep your eye out for an email about our plans on how we will get those last two classes under our belt!