November Newsletter

How is it possible that it is November already?

The time is passing so quickly; I feel like I can hardly keep up.

First, some announcements:

  • 30-minute Musical is doing great! The kids are just adorable and they are having such a great time. We are doing so well that we are going to continue the class. The next session will start in February. More details to come. 
  • I have had requests for a middle school level of 30-minute Musical. The people have spoken and I am listening. So, in February we will be adding the middle school 30-minute Musical class for kids 11-13. More details to follow.
  • Something that is happening right now, though, is our Fall concert! Saturday, November 19th at 1:30 pm at Hope Community Church in Apex. Come and hear some incredible singing from our amazing students. Invite your friends!
  • Peak Vocal Academy is officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization!

This means continued changes and growth.

Again, stay tuned!

Now, for my thought of the month: October was all about trust. It seemed like everywhere I turned I was hearing about trust. In church, it was trust in God; in my lessons, it was trust my teacher; when I was the teacher, it was trust the process. 

Trust is a huge part of singing!

The most important thing to trust, though, is ourselves. Our bodies are amazing! Our ability to hear tones and recreate them with our bodies is amazing! Singing is amazing! But if we don’t trust that our bodies can do it, we cannot achieve good singing. 

In order to really sing well, we have to give up our fears that we will sound less than perfect and trust our bodies. We have to accept that ugly sounds are part of the beauty of singing and that making a mistake is not bad and nothing that we need to apologize for. We need to trust that those ugly sounds that make us uncomfortable and those mistakes that we hate making will lead us to our goal of consistently beautiful singing.

I love that I can sing. I love that I get to teach singing and help others find their voice. It really is the best job ever. 

Until next time, songbirds!