New Season of Learning

I have to say that Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the changing of the leaves, the cooling down of the weather, and the joyful effervescence that comes from a new season of learning. 

While Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, Autumn can be a time of learning and discovery. This season proves to be just that for Peak Vocal Academy. Several of our students will be presenting their first solo recitals. I have to congratulate Ms. Arya Kamath for a very successful recital on September 13th. It was kind of a new experience for all of us because it was live-streamed via YouTube rather than live in front of an audience. She did an amazing job! I am super proud of her and what she has accomplished. 

While being in isolation and dealing with a pandemic is difficult, I think it’s important to look at the good that has come from it. As a performer, not being able to perform is devastating. Performance is a master teacher and being in front of an audience and presenting your craft is an important part of a singer’s development. So, it is great that we can still perform, albeit in unconventional ways. And while being in front of a camera could never equal being in front of an audience, live-streaming performances has allowed us to reach a far greater audience than live performances ever could. 

Another good thing that has happened is that we haven’t had to stop our private lessons. New technologies have allowed us to stay connected and learning from each other. Things are not perfect and in-person lessons will always be better, but the fact that we can still see and hear each other is an incredible thing. I cannot wait for our next student recital which will be happening at the end of October and the one after that happening in November. It’s so exciting that we can still be growing and thriving during this fog of uncertainty.

Stay safe, songbirds. While Autumn is great, flu season is right around the corner and Coronavirus is still a thing. So, please be cautious and take care of yourselves. I’ll see you at the next recital!