May Newsletter

April was an amazing month! It was the stuff that dreams are made of. I had 2 opera performances and sandwiched in between I attended a concert of my favorite band, Bon Jovi.

Let’s start with the concert. Have you ever seen videos of fan girls crying when their favorite artist or band comes on stage? That was me at this concert. I was a crazed teenage fan girl screaming and crying for my favorite band. My husband thought it was hilarious. It was absolutely amazing! I sang along (or screamed, rather) to almost all of the songs. They sang all of my favorites. It was a dream come true.

As my husband and I were waiting for the band to come out, I was observing all of the roadies and techies doing their job setting up. They were like little ants all scrambling around in their black shirts and pants and their little headsets coordinating a million different technical things.

As I was watching them, I realized something. Without a good tech crew, a production would fall apart. I thought about the opera and the stage manager calling out directions to everyone from her station. I know there was some guy at a soundboard calling out lighting cues and guitar changes at the concert. I also took my daughter to a ballet performance and as I sat in the audience I knew there was a stage manager backstage with their little headset on calling lighting and entrance and curtain cues.

My point is that no matter what type of production it is backstage they all look the same. There is an invisible but dedicated team quietly working in the background making sure everything on stage goes off without a hitch. It’s amazing! Theater is absolute magic!

So, now for an announcement. PVA will be closed for a good portion of the summer. It’s been an amazing Spring season, full of amazing opportunities and experiences, but I need a break. The newsletter will still go out every month, but we will not be taking any students from June-mid July. Thank you to all of you that have been following our progress and supporting our singers. We can’t do what we do without you. Our performance season will begin again in September. We have some great concerts planned for next season so stay tuned. Until then, we will see you at the theater!