December Newsletter

And just like that, we are at the end of the year. I can’t believe it, but what a year it’s been!

I am so happy for the return of 30-minute Musical and I am really happy that we will be adding a middle school-level class of 30-minute Musical next year. This is the growth I have been wanting for a long time. I cannot express my excitement enough for this.

During this season of gratitude, I wanted to get a little sappy. So, bear with me for a moment.

First, a story: Right before COVID, I had the opportunity to conduct a portion of Handel’s Messiah for my church (which I get to do again this year and I’m so excited. Everyone should come). Afterwards, a friend of mine gave me a beautiful crystal angel as a gift. She told me that it reminded her of me because angels are meant to lift people up and I was a lifter. That meant more than she knew because my goal is to lift people up and help them feel like they can reach their potential. I feel like that is my purpose in life. 

I am so grateful for my job. I get to work with these amazing students and be present for their growth. I get to see the smiles of quiet pride when they accomplish something; the giggles of amazement when they try something new. I hear the side remarks of satisfaction as they are learning to love their voices. But mostly, I get to mentor them and lift them up. I get to talk them out of their funk and help them work through the frustration and discouragement of growth. I get to show them what they can do and give them opportunities to do it. And I get to do it all through music. All of these little moments make my job the best job in the whole world. It’s amazing!

I also need to express gratitude for all of the behind-the-scenes folks who make it all possible: the families. I have an amazing team of friends and colleagues who help run PVA. This wouldn’t be possible without them. Thank you Jessica and Jenny! My students have amazing support systems, too. You drive them to lessons and rehearsals. You remind them to practice and deal with the noise. And most importantly, you cheer them on when they perform. You support PVA with your encouragement and love for the students. Thank you!

Finally, a wish for the year to come:

This year we experienced a little growth as a company. Next year, my wish is that Peak Vocal Academy will continue to grow. I want to grow our family with more teachers who, like me, can mentor, teach, and lift students. I want more performances because performing is the best. I want continued growth for the students. Next year they will be pushed to their limits and the results are going to be incredible. It’s going to be exciting and I am grateful that all of you get to come along for the ride. Thank you again for being a part of the PVA family. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!