December 2023 Newsletter

And just like that the year is over.

And what a year it’s been. I think about everything that Peak Vocal Academy has accomplished in the past 12 months and I am astounded and proud and exhausted thinking about it. It’s been amazing, though.

Recently, I’ve been introducing my girls to more of the music I used to listen to growing up. One song in particular has really resonated with me. Get on your Feet by Gloria Estefan. It’s a great song, and for me, it’s been a call to action. Don’t you love it when music does that?

So, the last couple of months I have been taking action and moving forward on things that really needed my attention. I canceled lessons to take care of my mental (and physical) health; I finally got settled into my new house and into our new routine; and I put myself out there. I created a website and recorded videos and sent audition packets for things. I’ve been busy. But I also took the time to think about my goals, expectations, and priorities. It’s been nice to spend time with myself. 

My biggest challenge, now, is to be patient. I realize that change takes time; However, if I don’t take the first step towards it, then it will never happen. So, my songbirds, take care of yourselves this holiday season. I will be sending out the new availability schedule soon. In the meantime, keep singing and bringing joy to the world with your songs.

Love,  Fran