Break a Leg

Happy March Songbirds! 

Spring is almost here. And if you are like me, Spring makes me want to sing. We have lots of cool things happening at Peak Vocal Academy. 

We have our first performance for our 30-minute Musical class happening on Saturday, March 21st. So, I want to say “break a leg” to all of our sweet little singers.

This also means it’s time to sign up your little songbird for the Spring Session at PVA, which starts on April 8th. Register, HERE!

Exciting Announcements…

  • Congratulations to our student Brianna Stroud who got accepted into her dream school: Institute for American Musical Theater.
  • Congratulations to our founder, Fran Bushman, who will be the voice of the Dragon is Shrek the Musical this Spring with Cary Players.
  • 4 singers from the Peak Vocal Academy private voice studio will be headed to Washington D.C. in May for the CS Music Vocal Competition. Information for an upcoming fundraising concert will be released later this month.

Speaking of “break a leg,” did you ever wonder where the phrase came from? Well, no one is really sure, but I want to share a couple of my favorite thoughts on the derivation of the phrase:

  1. Outsmarting the sprites: This phrase grew out of the superstition that evil sprites would try to somehow sabotage a performance if you wished someone good luck. So, in a sort of spiritual reverse psychology, if you wish something bad on someone, the sprites would do something to help your performance.
  2. Another thought comes from Shakespeare’s time where the term “break a leg” just simply means to take a bow.
  3. I think this one is my favorite. One thought is that in Elizabethan times, if an audience loved a performance, they would start stomping the chairs. If they were really happy about your performance, they would stomp so hard they could break a leg on the chair.

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So, no matter what origin you like, break a leg on your school performances, choir performances, auditions, or whatever performance you have coming up!