Better Days Ahead

The world continues to be strange. The landscape is ever-changing and we have to adapt to situations that we are still unsure of. That’s okay, I think. That is the nature of things. Given all the uncertainty, there is still goodness in the world. People are still singing and making beautiful music. Three of those people are PVA students who participated in the CS Music Convention and Competition this past week. 

Congratulations to Arya Kamath, Ellie Rhoades, and Nandini Gupta for making it to the second round of this international competition. I think it is important to note that this is the first competition of this caliber that any of these girls have participated in and I am so very proud of them. They sang their best and they did great! Well done, girls!

The competition was completely online with industry professionals giving masterclasses via Zoom. It was great that they were able to find a solution and we still got the benefit of learning from some of the best singers out there. Singers zoomed in, literally, from all over the world to take part in this. This is adaptation at its best. As for Peak Vocal Academy, we are still trying to figure things out.

I am currently offering private lessons both in my home studio and online. Unfortunately, while the current technology is acceptable for one-on-one lessons, there is still no good solution for group classes where multiple people sing at once. With that in mind, I am cancelling the summer session. Many of you have expressed concern about classes where your children will be in close proximity to others. I understand this concern. If situations improve, we may offer a week-long camp in late July or August, but for right now we are not offering group classes. 

While we continue to navigate this shifting landscape, remember that music is a part of all of us. It surrounds us. It is the thing that makes sense in chaos and brings hope and peace and calm. So keep listening and keep singing. We will sing together again soon.