August Newsletter

Since I have been on summer break for the last 8 weeks, I wondered what I could put into this month’s newsletter. There is nothing really going on except for lots of waiting…

I feel like so much of life is waiting. But waiting is not wasted time. 

I have used this time to learn music and plan concerts. I am waiting for venues and contracts and other people. So much waiting…

So, what to write? Then it hit me!

We are about to open a new performance season. This newsletter needs to be an invitation. 

I am officially inviting all of you to join us!

We are transitioning our performances from the stand-and-sing recital to performing scenes where the singers can interact with each other. This will make performances much more fun for both singers and audiences. Our performances will also be more interactive. If you want to know what that means, you’ll just have to come and check them out.

If you are looking for things to put on your calendar, come check out our calendar

We will have different performances throughout the year and there will be something for everyone. So come and join us. 

See you at the theater!