Audition Season!

Happy Audition Season!

It’s February and that means that a lot of schools, music companies, and summer programs are auditioning for next year. So, what’s an aspiring singer to do with so many potential performance opportunities out there? I have 2 pieces of advice for you:

  1. Choose your auditions wisely. 
    • There are a lot of companies, camps, summer programs, etc. out there and if you love singing, you may want to just go for them all. Don’t! Do your research. Make sure the place you are auditioning for is offering the right thing for you. Some questions to ask yourself are: Is there a part I can/want to sing? Am I ready to sing for this program? Can I afford this program? Just remember that just because you don’t feel ready for a particular opportunity this year, does not mean you won’t be able to try again next year.
  2. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, remember to sing what you love. Once you’ve picked the right opportunity and set a date to go show your stuff, you have to choose what to sing. Choose songs that will show what you can do. You want to show beauty, musicality, versatility, but most importantly, heart. Perhaps a rousing love song is the thing; perhaps a passionate melody about betrayal or madness. Whatever you decide, remember to sing music you love and they will love you.

Now go out there and sing your heart out!